You’ve made your first appointment…Now what???

Before our first appointment:

Initial paperwork: Before our initial appointment you will receive intake paperwork from me via email. This will include a 3 day food journal, disclaimer and initial interview questionnaire. You will also receive an email request to take an online nutritional assessment questionnaire.  I request that this paperwork be returned at least 3 days before our appointment in order to allow me the time to thoroughly look at all the information provided, do research and form a plan for our first visit, I typically spend a few hours going through your paperwork so the more information you can provide, the more information I have to help you with your health and nutrition goals.

Our first appointment: Here’s where the work begins. At this appointment, we delve into your main health concerns and discuss what your goals are and how I would approach your main health concern. Our initial appointment runs around 1 hour. During this time I hope to really gain an insight into your health, how it’s impacting your life and how we can work to help you address your top health concerns. We will go over all the paperwork together. This 60-minute appointment allows the client to gain a  deeper understanding of how nutritional therapy works and decide if working together feels like a good fit. Your success as a client is my first concern and often, this requires a certain level of commitment and change- both of which can be scary. I completely understand this- and want to make sure that you feel ready to do this amazing, life changing work together.

Our Second appointment: 

What to wear: It’s best to wear comfy, loose fitting clothes. This will ensure that you are comfortable during the functional evaluation.

What to eat: I recommend not eating anything too heavy 2 hours before our appointment. I will be performing some palpations in the abdominal area and find it’s most comfortable for the client not to have a full belly.

What to expect:  I will perform a hands on clinical assessment of the systems of the body to determine what system/s need support and then tailor a plan that address the specific needs of YOUR body. We will be able to determine what foods or supplement would be beneficial to your healing and what foods or lifestyle choices are causing dysfunction in your body.

The plan: After our appointment I will put together the lifestyle and nutrition recommendations that we discussed along with supplemental protocols if needed. I will email the plan to you within 24-48 hours. Typically, you will leave the appointment with a good understanding of the plan and will be able to implement changes as soon as that day!

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