Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTP’s) are a part of the alternative, holistic health community. We are trained to identify nutritional deficiencies and work with clients to correct them.

We believe that a nutrient dense, real foods diet is the foundation of health. Our bodies are designed to absorb important nutrients from our diet in order to be healthy . If what we eat does not contain enough of these nutrients or if we lack the ability to sufficiently absorb these nutrients, our bodies will be deficient in vital, life giving nutrients  and eventually our health will suffer. This can take the form of decreased energy, fertility issues, digestive problems, autoimmune conditions, mental health issues, skin issues and even weight gain as the body tries to get enough nutrition by over-eating nutrient-poor foods.


As an NTP, I practice functional nutrition. I  look to address the underlying cause of the dysfunction and not just the symptoms. We advocate real, whole foods, traditional cooking and preparation techniques for meals, and offer supplements when needed. We are trained in anatomy and physiology, and use a hands-on physical evaluation called a Functional Evaluation, along with lingual-neuro testing. These combined techniques allow us to make a customized nutrition plan to address your specific needs.

As a NTP, my goal is to help restore your health, vitality, and energy so that you can lead a productive, healthy and balanced life.

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