Fertility, auto-immunity, skin issues, mental health, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, brain health

What do all of these health issues have in common?  All of them have nutritional components that must be in balance to achieve optimal health.

So if you’re asking yourself if Nutritional therapy will work for you, the answer is yes.

All of the structures and functions of the human body are built from and run on nutrients. All of them. End of story

Hi! My name is Kim Morell. I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that specializes in helping people take control of their health and discover what it feels like to heal your body by working with it, not against it. 

I empower people to reconnect with their bodies to regain:

Self trust: trust that your body wants to be healthy and that it has the ability to heal.

Self-love: loving your body will always get you farther than hating it.

This journey is about learning how to nourish our bodies from a place of love and self care, not deprivation and punishment.

When we connect with the innate intelligence of the body we can work to heal from the inside out. I believe that by educating clients about the way their body works and how diet and lifestyle choices are affecting their health, we can work together to formulate a plan that is focused on positive outcomes and that feels manageable.

No shame, no judgment, just compassionate support and better health


  • Kim has been helping me keep my skin happy by evaluating my nutritional health- the root of my autoimmune troubles. With my tumultuous past with my body and BDD, talking about food in any capacity (especially in a setting where my choices can be deemed “wrong”), can be triggering and upsetting, to say the least. This woman is pure magic. She is an advocate for self-forgiveness, imperfection, and patience in health and the importance of self-love for healing. She’s the best.

    Taylor M, North Bend

  • “Kim Morell of The Nourished Body is a knowledgeable, supportive and results-oriented health practitioner.

    Before seeing Kim, I was suffering from daily digestive issues and joint pain. Even though I ate mostly healthy, worked out 5 days a week and slept 8 hours a night, I was still “stressed” in my gut and suffered from constant joint discomfort.  

    After 3 months of working together on my diet, re-evaluating where and when I was eating (at the kitchen sink while I packed school lunches/ at work at my desk checking email/or not eating dinner at all) and 2 sessions of LNT (lingual neural testing), Kim accomplished what my medical doctor could not…significantly reduced digestive discomfort and healthier joints.

    Today, 6 months later I am free from the stress of gut and intestinal issues, my joint pain has all but disappeared and I am a happy eater!!

    Kim listened, asked the hard questions, applied her knowledge to formulate an individualized plan to get me healthy. Thanks Kim!!!!”


    Raini Applin Rosta, North Bend